Get SolarSPEC™

growing in your garden.

AMARE Technologies™ is reaching 

nurseries around the globe. And now,

we can help you cultivate better indoor

crops and maximize your grow space.

The SolarSPEC™ Advantage

Which SolarSPEC™ LED panel

is just right for your garden?

Color Correct

See your garden under a different light. Observe plant growth with a more natural color that is easier on the eyes.

Plant Vitality

Provide your garden with a more balanced light spectrum for healthier plants with stronger immune systems.

"Growing has changed my perspective on life.

I learn something new every time and I'm excited to share that experience with others."

― Steven James McDonell, US Veteran: Indoor gardener

Exceeding your garden's expectations.

Traditionally, Indoor Gardens have relied primarily on HID bulbs for their light source. But with LED performance dramatically

increasing, discerning growers have begun to leverage this new technology into their gardens.

With the new series of Canna-Specific SolarSPEC™ Grow Lights, we looked ahead and engineered an even more powerful light delivery solution. Not only do they feature the latest in High-Intensity LED components, they exhibit PAR Power Technology™ with canopy-piercing Advanced Secondary Optics and a proprietary light spectrum that outpaces their HID counterparts watt for watt. And each unit is available with separate circuits to augment the flowering photo-period. With all that power, you’ll be able to grow strong, vigorous

plants while simultaneously increasing yield densities — and still have the benefits of reduced cooling energy requirements.

The future just got 

a lot brighter.

Remarkably bright.

With technology engineered for maximum intensity.

Explore the full line of Canna-Specific SolarSPEC™ Enhanced-White LED Grow Light Panels and create your optimum indoor growing environment.

"We believe that in order to achieve the most phenomenal growth-rates in plants cultivated in an indoor garden,

sunlight must be accurately simulated."

More Intensity

Higher photo-synthetic rates are achieved as more sunlight is received by your plants. Concentrating more light energy onto your plant's leaves, utilizing Advanced Secondary Optics increases the level of intensity facilitating canopy penetration and maximizing growth potential. 

Modular Design

Set them up how you like. Flexibility in multi-unit configurations adjust to suit your grow space requirements.

110V/220V Compatible

Just plug them in. Modern circuitry works with domestic and international power grids.

Silent Operation

Peace and quiet, and peace of mind. Low decibel (dB) operation reduces noise interference from

 your grow space.   

Cool Savings

Enjoy low operating temperatures and a reduction in cooling energy requirements when compared to HID lighting.

More Efficiency

LED Lighting Technologies have been proven to to be substantially more efficient at generating lumens than their HID counterparts. LED panels also run at  much lower temperatures than traditional HID lighting reducing the power requirements of cooling your indoor garden.

More Spectrum

For many millions of years, Plants have evolved to efficiently harness the energy of our Sun. By providing your indoor garden the spectrum it receives in nature, it will be possible to achieve optimal growth rates and superior plant vitality.